How to Find The Best Home Cleaning Near You

You’ve done it before. You have already searched for the best home cleaning near you but what’s after that? It is difficult to choose from an array of the best residential cleaning services. Especially if they present similar services, perform identical cleaning processes, and of course, offer them within the same price range. While we cannot deny that our guts will … Read More

Top 5 Steps to Clean Window Sills and Window Tracks

Window sills give an ideal level surface for the residue to settle. Since anything close to a window is very noticeable, a tarnished window ledge consistently gets your attention as you look to appreciate the view outside. Window cleaning is significant because it helps eliminate contaminants and pollutants that have stuck to the glass and have kept natural light from entering. In … Read More

How to Clean Light Switches and Plug Sockets

As part of your regular cleaning routine, you’re probably pretty used to wiping down solid surfaces like your counter tops, tables, sinks, and toilets. After all, these surfaces see a lot of use—which means a lot of inherent exposure to germs and bacteria. What you might not think about though, are the dozens of other smaller surfaces in your home that are just … Read More

The Importance of Good Hygiene and Sanitation in the Office

Part of good hygiene in the office can be as simple as washing your hands, although you’d be surprised how few people know how to do this properly. Practising good hygiene in the office also involves making sure employees don’t leave a mess if they eat in the pantry, clearing up clutter in common areas and work areas, and making a strict … Read More

Hot or Cold: What Water Temperature Cleans Better?

It’s a question that almost every individual asks at some point in their adult life! Everyone wants to know what the right temperature of water is to safely and effectively clean household surfaces, different floor types, do laundry, kill bacteria, etc. Well, the fact is that using room temperature water when cleaning virtually anything in your home is doable in … Read More

How to Get Rid Of Mold In The Home

Learn how to remove mold from any household surface! When you’re taking care of something as big as a house, mold will inevitably spring up somewhere. Mold can grow in any type of environment anywhere in the house and can be dangerous or harmless. It’s important to know which is which and how to clean mold when a mold colony … Read More

8 Top Tips For Home Cleaning Without Chemicals

Tips For Home Cleaning Without Chemicals From The Pros Switch to more natural methods when it comes to cleaning your own home! Take a look at the following tips. Baking Soda for Oven Cleaning Arm&Hammer did it. They put it in soaps, detergents, cleaning agents, and even in toothpaste! While trusted brands keep you guaranteed safety, you can also DIY … Read More